Friday, April 29, 2011

Josh Hutcherson In His Blue Boxer Briefs

Popurri macareno

Sevilla concatenates
blessed with your presence,
Hope fills your
and grace is written
Macarena on your face!

I look at you, Macarena,
between joy and grief
delicacy and how, what,
save your sweet whistle!
My fervor triggers
a deep sigh
when resounding compliment
that your cheek rests
says that as your rose
nothing exists in this world.

Nothing in this world
that could match
your unparalleled beauty
that grows every second.
I, I diffuse this compliment
and my lips are entertained,
all grace comes
of Ti alone, pure Virgin
and your very beauty
not have the same sky.

The most beautiful in you lies
with a grace incessant:
in your hands the bonanza,
beauty in your face
and in your face Hope

glow What else
brighter aura?
What pink carnation and
where your beautiful flower?
Why cry and cry,
for how sweet and pleasant?
If all this full
with a virtue is achieved.
Hope All you have
in your face, Macarena.

What pallium which green mantle,
what face bless!
remember why it
that the man who does not see
not know what is lost.


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